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To Honor the King - Jesus Christ by:
Living passionately according to how He has designed us,
Partnering with Him in His agenda for His Kingdom,
Using the tools and resources He provides,
Releasing the tools and resources in “real time” to the world according to His wisdom, power, love, and grace

Become free to live out your Divine Design and Purpose in God’s Kingdom"..........
Discover and walk in your "Divine Design" - your "spiritual DNA" - what you were made for. Join us on our journey in discovering and living out who we were designed to be.

As you live in your relationship with the Lord daily, He guides, directs and brings you through situations that bring out all the treasures He has placed within you. He has already prepared the "good works" for you to walk in. He knows exactly who you were designed to be and what you were designed to do. He wants you to walk in your design with Him and experience fulfillment.

Please support The Divine Design Project, a ministry of Life Connections International.

Life Connections International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non –profit organization, and operates on a donation basis. . Donations to this ministry are tax-deductible.Your gifts make this ministry possible and are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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