What is The Divine Design Project?

Divine Design Project

“Living in the Bigger Picture with God”

What do I mean by “living in the bigger picture with God?”

We experience many things in life often only look at them from our perspective. We ask God to help us get through difficult times and learn the things we need to learn in order to grow in knowing Him.

God’s reality is different than ours. Our spirit’s reality is different than our soul’s reality. God wants us to live out of the reality of our spirit to Spirit relationship. In order to have a shared reality, we have to put our two perspectives together. When we do this, we are able to express our viewpoint, feelings, reactions and responses as well as ask God to share His. If we only live in our perspective, we live in a small picture and try to figure out how God will help us. If we let Him share His reality with us, we are invited to experience a bigger picture than we are able to see from where we live.

God’s invitation is for us to live in “His bigger picture” and receive the revelation of how He sees us and the circumstances of our lives. We can then walk with Him and be “in tune” with what He is doing in and through us as we “abide in Him” and let His Word abides in us”. (John 15)

The Divine Design Project

Living according to God’s Design is what we are learning on a daily basis in the Divine Design Project. It is a wonderful adventure to walk in our calling and destiny as blood covenant sons and daughters of the Most High God and brings life and fruit in God’s Kingdom.

Living a life built on the foundation of living out of our spirit to Spirit relationship, listening and obeying God’s direction instead of

leaning on our own understanding builds a fortress of truth and experiential knowledge of our mighty God.

The fruit of living out of our spirit to Spirit relationship is freedom from condemnation and freedom from the law of sin and death. Living in freedom produces life and peace.

(Romans 8)

We experience a life of faith, freedom, and fruit!

We have Divine Design Project Group Participants in:

  • Evansville, Indiana
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Vienna and Lower Austria (Europe)

Participants are thrilled to share fresh life God has shared in their spirits.


  • A community where people and land are restored to God’s original design (I. Corinthians 14)
  • Continual discovery, recognition, and synchronizing with God’s leading in the process
  • Living out of our spirit to Spirit connection with God and gaining authority to fulfill God’s design for our lives
  • Relying upon God’s creative power to deliver, heal, and transform people and land
  • Allowing God to write His story in our lives and in the community


  • To Honor the King - Jesus Christ by:
  • Living passionately according to how He has designed us
  • Partnering with Him in His agenda for His Kingdom
  • Using the tools and resources He provides
  • Releasing the tools and resources in “real time” to the world according to His wisdom, power, love, and grace


  • Interactive and Experiential Teaching Seminars
  • Individual & Group Coaching – SKYPE, Email, Telephone, Facetime
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Learning & Follow-up Materials – digital and hard copy
  • Tele-classes
  • Webinars
  • SKYPE or Facetime Conference Calls
  • Ministry Experiences – Spirit Coaching, Blessing the spirit, Land Ministry, Mission Trips,
  • Mentoring

Divine Design Project - A Ministry of Life Connections International

657 South Hurstbourne Parkway, Suite 259

Louisville, KY 40222




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